1914 C&EI (Chicago & Eastern Illinois)

Railroad Freight Depot

North Water Street in Clinton, Indiana

After nearly 50 years of use and another 50 years of neglect, this architecturally-rare building was restored in 2013.  The $385,000 renovation was funded by $308,000 in grants from the state of Indiana ITEA and $77,000 from Little Italy Festival Town, Inc. (LIFT).

The building complements the 1904 passenger depot on Main Street. The freight station handled heavy industrial equipment and supply orders that were loaded and unloaded onto and from the trains.  The unique L-shaped building encompasses 1,890 square feet.  Its original wooden plank floors were replaced with concrete. The old asbestos roof shingles were replaced with an asphalt roofing material matching the material used in the passenger depot roof restoration.  An entry door was added to the west face. The rest of the building remains as designed in 1914. Now the freight depot stands proudly as one more community historical asset.  LIFT is currently seeking the best use for his historic property.